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Compliance & Security

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Increase Employee Communication

Ease you worries of a data breach. briskData will keep your information secure with the highest possible safety standards. Have an audit coming up? We can help you implement the necessary security protocols to make sure you are complying with vital safety standards. Learn more here.

Employees discussing a project together after using Microsoft Teams to arrange a meeting

Share Files from a Central Location

Increase you and your employees productivity by cutting out time spent waiting for requested files. Give your employees the freedom to access necessary files with Microsoft SharePoint. Control who has access to certain files, so you can rest easy knowing privileged files are safe.

Many business owners find themselves caught up in menial tasks rather than doing what they do best - running their business. Let us help you leverage your time by cutting out the burden of sending and organizing repetitive files and emails. Did you know you can automate appropriate email responses to your employees with just a few clicks? We do, and we know how to do it. We can do things such as automate PTO requests that go straight to the appropriate manager using Microsoft Forms and Outlook, which can then be approved, denied, and tracked with the click of a button.

Get Automated

We can create a central hub for your employees using Microsoft Teams. Assign employees to certain tasks, organize employees into groups so they can communicate to each other with ease. Send and receive feedback with an easy to use interface that keeps you and your employees up to date on projects and clients. Learn more here.

An employee who has finished a project early after being able to securely access files through SharepointA list showing increased productivity after briskData automated repetitive tasks being performed by employees
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Migration Services

Want to transition to Microsoft Office but you aren't sure how? Let us take care of it for you. From licensing to email migration, we got you covered.

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Technical Support

As with any technology, there is always a learning curve. Let our techs walk you through any issues so you and your employees can focus on the job at hand.

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Managed Updates

Microsoft Office updates monthly to keep you and your companies information safe and secure. Let us manage these updates and any potential errors that may occur during the process.

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Data Management

Keep track of who is in charge of who using Microsoft Exchange and Azure. All we need is an Corporate Map and we will take care of the rest.

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